Psoriasis at the beginning

Psoriasis at the beginning

Scalp psoriasis is a fairly common disease of non-infectious origin. This defect is chronic and can be very distressing, both physically and spiritually.

The danger of this pathology is that in the absence of control over the course, the patient may develop forms of psoriatic arthritis and hepatitis.

Unfortunately, although modern medicine has made great strides in the treatment of many pathologies, it has not been possible to find an effective remedy for psoriasis. However, the disease is successfully managed, which prevents a number of dangerous complications. So, we will learn below how to treat psoriasis on the head.

What is

As mentioned above, primary psoriasis is a pathology of non-infectious origin. The appearance of a defect is accompanied by a pink rash and peeling of the skin. The main symptom that characterizes this dermatological defect is severe itching.

Psoriatic plaques on the scalp

Seborrheic psoriasis of the scalp is the most common form of this pathology. It should be noted that the defect does not pose a direct threat to human health. However, due to an unaesthetic appearance, it can lead to the appearance of complexes.

Important: Psoriasis in the ears and head can manifest itself not only in adults but also in children. However, more defects affect young people.

If the disease affects a person, cell division is accelerated. With such an atypical process, the cells do not have time to fully mature, resulting in a threefold increase in intercellular contact. This is what makes the scales appear.

In addition, the body's protective functions are involved in an atypical process. As a result, the immune system attacks the body's cells. This process causes persistent inflammation.


A special symptom of this defect is the formation of plaques on the scalp directly on the skin. Such lesions come in different sizes and indicate the beginning of the development of psoriasis. It should be noted that typical psoriatic scales differ from dandruff in the production of excessive fat secretion.

Psoriasis of the scalp

As for the causes of psoriasis in the ears and head, scientists claim that the main culprit is a metabolic failure. In addition, other factors can trigger such a negative event:

  • damage to the scalp, of mechanical origin;
  • weakening of the body's protective functions;
  • regular stress;
  • malnutrition;
  • activation of chronic pathologies of infectious origin;
  • bad habits;
  • psychological reasons;
  • insufficiency of the digestive system;
  • long-term use of steroids and a number of other drugs;
  • frequent hypothermia of the scalp;
  • hormonal disorders. These include pathology of the endocrine system, pregnancy, menopause and others.

Important: What does a pearl head look like? If a person has a mixture of red or pink, and then covered with gray or whitish scales, you should immediately contact a dermatologist.

Dermatologist's consultation

A similar defect can occur at any age. In addition, the disease in children often develops due to genetic predisposition.


Psoriasis in the ears and head has 3 stages of development. Let's take a closer look at each:

  1. The initial stage. Symptoms appear as a single papule on the skin, resembling small pink or red pimples. The edges of the rash are clearly visible, and the rash itself rises slightly above the inactive parts of the skin. The visible rash is accompanied by incessant itching, resulting in scratching of the papules and the appearance of bleeding;
  2. Progressive and stationary stage. At this stage, new rashes form in patients, and previously formed papules combine to form large spots;
  3. Regressive. At this stage, there is a gradual weakening of the pathology. The papules disappear and gray spots appear in the form of rings;
  4. It's heavy. This degree is characterized by complete damage to the scalp. In addition, the scales become denser and increase in size.

Some people mistake rashes for dandruff, so do not rush to see a dermatologist. In addition, patients try to get rid of the negative symptoms themselves by using various medicated shampoos and anti-dandruff substances.

Such tactics are fraught with aggravation of the disease. Due to the lack of a sufficient drug complex, the disease affects the neck, face, ears and the whole head.

The main directions of treatment

How to get rid of psoriasis in the head? Unfortunately, this shortcoming cannot be completely eliminated. In addition, if psoriasis of the scalp is treated, the treatment will not be positive due to the following factors:

  • stress;
  • use of inappropriate cosmetics;
  • having bad habits;
  • persistent adherence to an improper diet or weight loss;
  • allergic reaction.

Therefore, it is necessary to take a comprehensive approach to solving the problem in order to get rid of the negative symptoms and monitor the progress of the pathology.

Combined psoriasis spots on the head

Proper nutrition, the use of adjuvant folk remedies, the use of hormonal and sedative drugs, as well as the use of ointments, shampoos and lotions designed to combat the consequences help with psoriasis. Let's take a closer look at all the techniques used to eliminate the consequences.

Proper nutrition

How is psoriasis treated? It will not be possible to completely defeat psoriasis. All modern drugs only eliminate the negative symptoms and can prolong remission. However, if the diet is not changed, the latest developments in the pharmaceutical industry will be so weak. Because our appearance and health depend on the quality of products.

People with dermatological problems should completely exclude the following products from the menu:

  • chocolate and confectionery;
  • smoked meats;
  • marinades;
  • excessive salt intake;
  • spices. These products, like salt, are able to retain water in the body and slow down natural metabolic processes.

With the exacerbation of this pathology, you should completely abandon such products.

  • sugar;
  • fried and fatty foods;
  • Canned food;
  • products of animal origin;
  • red vegetables;
  • eggs;
  • carbonated drinks and water;
  • spicy dishes.

In addition, it is important to stop eating simple carbohydrates, meat products, white and rye bread, red berries and fruits, dyes and alcoholic beverages during an ignition.

Important: Doctors recommend drinking plenty of clean water to clear toxins, eliminate inflammation and speed up metabolism.

Proper nutrition for primary psoriasis

In the acute phase, the diet should be light for psoriasis of the scalp. It is recommended to include the following options in the menu:

  • fish dishes;
  • nuts;
  • flax seeds.

This food is rich in B vitamins and beneficial amino acids, which are responsible for normalizing the central nervous system, restoring the skin and speeding up metabolism.

A diet for psoriasis of the scalp is the key to a speedy recovery. When the pathology worsens, nutritionists recommend increasing the intake of foods containing complex carbohydrates. Most of these foods are found in corn flour, cereals and toast.

Important: It is recommended to eat a partial portion of food and take a short break between each meal, especially in the case of the disease considered during the exacerbation.

In addition, for patients suffering from this defect, it is useful to use fermented dairy products, salads made from green vegetables and neutral colored fruits. It is better to replace sunflower oil with olive oil.

Drug treatment

Complex therapy is prescribed for the treatment of psoriasis of the scalp. Depending on the symptomatology, the following dosage forms are indicated:

  • pills for psoriasis on the head help to eliminate persistent itching and swelling;
  • Increasing the body's protective functions will help vitamins against psoriasis. The use of such complexes allows to increase resistance to defects and accelerate the onset of remission;
  • Immunomodulatory agents against psoriasis of the scalp are prescribed to patients to improve the functioning of the immune system;
  • unsuccessful, therapy is supplemented with retinoids;
  • In severe cases, the patient is prescribed corticosteroids;
  • When a secondary infection is added, the course of treatment is completed with antibacterial drugs. However, it should be noted that such drugs are prescribed with caution. Because it can cause a complication;
  • If the symptoms of psoriasis in older women occur due to constant stress, therapy is supplemented with psychotropic drugs.

In addition to the above remedies, external drugs also help in the treatment of psoriasis at home. The following forms are most commonly defined:

  • keratoplastic ointments for psoriasis of the scalp. Effectively eliminates itching and swelling;
  • Vitamin D-based lotion for psoriasis is also indicated for the treatment of the skin. Lotions for psoriasis of the skin simultaneously solve several problems, eliminate inflammation, help to lift the scales, nourish the skin with vitamins. and eliminate swelling;
  • In severe pathology, a spray for psoriasis from the group of corticosteroids is indicated. These funds help relieve itching, desquamation and swelling;
  • It is recommended to use special therapeutic shampoos for psoriasis of the scalp to perform hygienic procedures. Or wash your hair with tar soap for psoriasis;
  • treatment of affected areas is carried out with a solution of a tissue regeneration stimulator;
  • Damaged areas are treated to eliminate negative symptoms. Salicylic ointment for psoriasis is indicated for this purpose. By the way, this ointment is actively used not only in the weakening of the pathology, but also in its exacerbation.

Important: Many people wonder if it is possible to dye their scalp with psoriasis. In order to avoid the development of complications, it is strictly forbidden to perform such a hairdressing procedure during the exacerbation of the pathology.

Psoriasis of the scalp

It should be noted that for medicinal purposes it is recommended to use a shampoo for psoriasis with antifungal effect or resin. Such funds accelerate the healing of the formed papules and eliminate irritation.

Physiotherapy procedures

Psoriasis is a skin pathology that requires a comprehensive medical approach. With this in mind, in addition to dosage forms, some physiotherapeutic procedures are also required. The following therapeutic manipulations are often prescribed for such a disease:

  1. Phytotherapy. This technique involves the use of ultraviolet light. Radiation is performed after the application of a photosensitizer. The main purpose of this drug is to increase the sensitivity of the skin to light. Therefore, radiation therapy is more effective;
  2. Cryotherapy. The essence of this procedure is the short-term effect of low temperatures, especially on the damaged parts of the body. In the process of performing this technique, the process of stimulation of the body's protective functions begins, itching is eliminated, pain and inflammation disappear;
  3. Laser technique. This method is considered as an effective treatment for psoriasis in the head, which allows you to destroy the affected areas without damaging healthy tissues.

Important: Treatment in sanatorium resorts with the considered pathology is useful. The completed course will help prolong remission and improve the patient's condition.

The main advantage of these three methods is the absence of pain and complete safety. In addition, there are no scars or pigmentation on the body after the manipulations.

Hair care

When a pathology is found in individuals, two urgent questions arise at once: how to wash the scalp with psoriasis and how to care for the scalp with psoriasis. In this case, it is important to strictly follow the following rules:

  • An effective remedy for psoriasis is a shampoo with a therapeutic effect. A dermatologist will help you choose such products;
  • combing hair is required only with combs made of natural materials. Care should be taken to avoid contact with damaged areas to avoid damaging existing boards;
  • treat the scalp daily with disinfectants prescribed by a doctor;
  • it is strictly forbidden to use a hair dryer to dry the hair to exclude the effects of heat on the damaged areas;
  • throughout the course of treatment, you should refrain from performing hairdressing manipulations. This applies to coloring, styling and other manipulations with cosmetics.

Unfortunately, long hair owners will have to part with them if they develop pathology. With a short haircut, it is easier to care for the affected skin because it is diagnosed.

Folk remedies

There are various treatments with folk remedies to eliminate the negative symptoms. However, they mostly use the following options:

  • celandine with psoriasis. Eliminates rashes & puffiness;
  • castor oil for psoriasis. Helps get rid of scales and eliminates inflammation;
  • flaxseed oil against psoriasis. Softens skin & prevents scarring
Folk remedies for the treatment of psoriasis in the head

It should be remembered that traditional treatments can be used only in addition to the main therapy.

There are other folk remedies for psoriasis in the beginning. But the most effective ones are described above.

Disease prevention

Prevention will help to prevent the development of this pathology:

  • you should try not to stay in direct sunlight for a long time;
  • to eliminate infections immediately and treat chronic defects;
  • to give up bad habits;
  • eat right;
  • Perform regular hygiene procedures and use delicate products.

These simple steps will help prevent the symptoms of psoriasis in men, women and children and prolong the remission period.

This defect has a very negative impact on the patient's quality of life. However, by controlling the course of the disease, a person improves his condition and gets rid of negative symptoms for a long time.